Privacy Statement

The Ricoh Royalties program and this website are administered for Ricoh by Marketing Technology Concepts, Inc. (“MTC” or “We/Our”). As the sponsor of this program, Ricoh is referred in this policy as our “Originator.” The information we collect may be shared with Ricoh and is subject to its Privacy Policy, which may be viewed by visiting the main Ricoh website.

Your privacy is important to MTC. We post this privacy policy to explain our online and offline information practices and to explain the choices available to you regarding the way your information is collected and displayed. This Privacy Policy may be updated, amended, or modified at any time. Thus, this information should be reviewed on a regular basis. There may be an additional or extended Privacy Policy that is specific to your promotional program, which you should review.

General Information We Collect

When you visit this site, certain information is collected and gathered regarding your visit including:

1. The IP address from which you are visiting
2. The type of browser and operating system you are using
3. The pages you visited during your session
4. The date and time of your visit
5. The referrer your visit originated from.

We gather this information to analyze site usage and may aggregate information to show site usage; pages visited responses, and similar information. This information may be provided to other providers for billing, reporting, and other purposes. No individual and identifiable information collected is sold, rented, and/or given to a third party other than our Originator. Individually identifiable information may be disclosed in a legal court system as required by law.

Promotional Information We Collect

By participating in a promotional program (e.g., sales contests, education programs, loyalty, performance, and travel programs), the participant agrees to that program’s specific Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and any other program agreements as deemed necessary. Various forms of information may be collected during a promotional program including:

• Sales Information such as Retailer, Distributor, End User, Invoice, and Product specific information
• Educational and survey information including answers, participating individuals, scores, demographic information
• Travel arrangements, including destinations, reservation numbers, flights, rentals, and
• Other information required to provide the requested services.

The information collected is used for promotional program fulfillment and may be provided on an as need basis to the company sponsoring the promotion (“Originator”) and third party companies that provide program fulfillment services.
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